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I was Just Like You . . . 

When I first discovered trading, I went out to the internet to search for information and training.  I didn’t know what I didn’t know, so I kept jumping around, picking up little pieces here and there trying to patch together a plan of attack. I could never find a reliable source that had a coherent plan or an overall approach that really made sense. I was lost and frustrated.

I did it all – bought the robots, magic indicators and courses from people that actually knew less than I did. It was hard to find the truth and I felt at every turn I was losing more ground than I was gaining. Everybody I ran across was selling something, but no one had a real plan to actually teach me the skill of trading.

I had to reboot my approach over a dozen times and was close to just calling it quits.

I Finally Figured It Out . . . 

I was fortunate that I never gave up. Through hard work and some time-tested concepts, I have been able to become a successful professional trader and mentor. After over ten years in this business, I’ve definitely paid my dues. The good news is now you can benefit from my years of working through the struggles and challenges that face every trader.

I have been working diligently to pull back the curtain on the garbage and lies that are pervasive in the trading industry. Just look at chat rooms, forums or the endless junk mail and it’s no wonder so many traders are lost and frustrated just like I used to be.

I Can Show You the Way . . .

I have put my years of experience and insight into The Pro Trader Network Excel Course.  It is the culmination of the techniques and processes that have made me a successful Pro. I have had the privilege of helping hundreds of other traders achieve their trading success, but this program far exceeds anything else I have worked on before.

                       From A to Z...


6 Modules and over 35 Instructional  Videos. 

This is a complete program designed to get you from beginner to consistency and profitability.

Here’s a brief overview of what you can expect . 


  • Module 1 - Foundation Essentials

We start at the very beginning – with the basics - to give new traders a first glimpse of the 
Forex Market and what is required to begin their trading journey.

Hands on training with our trading platform in our Strategy or “Strat Lab” will help us work through the basic functions of MT4 to create a chart, use the drawing tools, and look at 
different time frames.

We dive into more hands on training to observe the building blocks of price action – Market Structure. We’ll look at how the market collective creates key levels where trends begin, 
end, and trading opportunities abound. 

We begin to formulate an overall approach to the market and build a trading system through solid Trade Plan Development. We determined risk, profits and how to engage the market based on a clear set of rules using the “PTN Time Bandit” trading system.

Our Trading Psychology is critical to our success. We need to execute our trading system with focus, discipline and control. We’ll use several invaluable tools and techniques to make sure we maintain a trading mindset to approach the market with confidence and consistency.

You control your own destiny.  We’ll work together to determine the best trading style that will accommodate your trading availability and lifestyle requirements.

  • Module 2 - Additional Strategies 

We build on the PTN Time Bandit system to increase trading opportunities and profits
through position sizing, multiple pairs, multiple time frames and other techniques that will expand your knowledge and increase your trading I.Q.

We introduce a  BONUS!!!  Trading System -  the PTN Crossbow -  to increase trade
frequency and add additional profits to your trade plan.

  The PTN Time Bandit & PTN Crossbow Trading Systems  



  • Module 3 - Advanced Concepts 

We’ll reach the pinnacle of your trading education by stripping way the fat. With just a few simple indicators we will determine where the market is most likely to go based purely on price action and market structure. These are the professional techniques that can make you a profit machine on any time frame and in any market.

We will also explore some more advanced psychological exercises that will dial in on exactly where you need to concentrate your efforts to master the focus and control needed to create your trading legacy.

  • Module 4 - Strategy Labs 

We expand on our course curriculum with “handsā€on” training in our MT4 platform. These videos provide demonstrations and instruction with actual charts, tools and processes.

  • Module 5 - Strategy Labs

To make sure you have a thorough understanding and an actionable plan, The Pro Trader
Network Excel Course also includes a comprehensive review of all of the course material that emphasizes the key concepts you will need to attack the market. We also include a simple  business plan and outline that will keep you thinking and acting like a professional.

  • Module 6 - Indicators and Tools
All the tools, templates and indicators you need for the PTN Time Bandit and Crossbow
trading systems. Also included are a trade management EA and scripts that can be pre-set
with trade parameters to help you avoid mechanical mistakes and manage your trades automatically.


The Pro Trader Network Excel Course is self-paced and designed to provide a “turn-key” trading education. You have the opportunity to be truly independent.

You won’t have to rely on anyone or anything for your trading career – it’s all here. The course is designed to provide proven concepts with new ideas that can get you where you need to be in the shortest time possible. It’s really up to you.

SPECIAL BONUS – We’ll spend time together in 4 LIVE SESSIONS where you set the agenda and get all of your questions answered. These will be recorded so you can review and stay on track by watching the Q&A replay.

As always, you will get ongoing support throughout your course subscription. I am always available by email to help you in any way I can.

Here’s what some of our fellow traders have to say about Pro Trader Network Training .  .  .

Absolutely transformational! You opened up my eyes to what it really takes to make it in the trading business and gave me the blueprint to success. I can’t thank you enough!

Bart V.

Rick, I want you to know that I learned more in two hours with you than I have in the last 5 years. You are a great teacher and have a great way of making the complicated super simple. Thanks so much.”

Keanon S.

I really appreciate your honest and professional approach. There was no nonsense and no fluff. You get right down to business and don’t waste my time with junk and exaggerations. My trading has taken on a whole new dimension and I have you to thank.”

Bill S.


Time to Take Action

Now is the time to stop the madness and take control of your Trading Destiny! 



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